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Rebranding Education


Rebranding Project for Education

Academia de mi Abuela is a Spanish Bilingual Preschool based in Oakland California. A Rebrand Design project was launched to update there logo, website, collateral and digital marketing.

Assessing Mission and Core Values

Target Audience

  • Parents who desire a full time Spanish Immersion Preschool and value teaching their children culture and diversity.

  • Children ages 2-6 years old

  • Parents living within the Bay Area who desire quality and affordable education.

Mission Statement

To serve Oakland families with integrity and love in a home-like, and multicultural environment where all communities are valued. Academia de Mi Abuela is a Spanish/English-dual immersion preschool located in the community of Montclair and serving the city of Oakland. AMA exists due to shortage of childcare services in the area, we provide affordable and high quality language immersion childcare to Oakland families including under served Oakland communities. We create jobs for local residents and mentor youth in ECE, and job skills.


Core Values

Nurturing/ All Around Support
Child Focus/ Family Outreach


Logo Redesign


Original Logo:

Original logo need a cleaner and more modern aesthetic. We proposed to rework the color scheme and update the overall school mascot to reflect the schools updated core values and mission.


Logos Mockup Ideas

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Proposed Color Scheme:

Approval rate score: 87% of teachers, parents and designers leaned for a more softer pastel color scheme. This pallet reflected company’s target market as well as core values of nurturing, care, approachability and safety.


Finalized New Logo

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