Cacao Nativa (in progress)

Case Study

Project Objective:

Create three different chocolate package designs for prospective start-up company "Cacao Nativa." The client wants to create a product that reflects its unique mission as well as create a unique design to launch at various high-end markets.

Product Description:

Fair Trade Organic Cacao (Chocolate) from Chiapas farms in Mexico are available in three flavors: Dark Chocolate, Lavender Rose and a seasonal Citrus Chocolate. All ingredients are sustainably sourced using the highest quality organic ingredients. "Cacao Nativa" is an artisanal and affordable chocolate comparable to "TCHO" chocolate, "Equal Exchange," and "Alter Eco Chocolate." Businesses such as Whole Foods, local organic grocery stores as well as online merchants s are examples of where "Cacao Nativa" may be available for purchase.


Through the creation of "Cacao Nativa," our client hopes to help contribute to the native farmers of Chiapas, Mexico and their families. This method of buying fair trade cocoa beans offers small - scale grower's fair prices for their harvest, So you get the flavor of high-quality Chiapas, Mexican chocolate as well as the confidence of knowing the ingredients were purchased in a socially responsible manner.

Cacao Nativa is a start-up company in the conceptual stage of production. They are seeking a complete package design that is reflective of their mission and can compete in the high-end food market. They need to create a ready-to-go and simple package design with illustrations that stand out and make a statement. 

Design Problem:

This product is aimed for men and women within 20-35 years of age. This group of individuals eat organic and value quality products that practice sustainable business methods. They like to support local stores and are willing to pay the price for good quality ingredients. The value artisanship, flavors and supporting conscious companies like Cacao Nativa.

Target Market:

For my design I was inspired by the Zapatista’s revolutionary movement. They live in Chiapas, Mexico. -They are mostly farmers, and have a very close relationship with the Earth, which they call ‘Madre Tierra’ or Mother Earth. For this project I made a three illustrations to reflect the rich culture and honor the history of  of Chiapas Mexico. From the first Zapatista design, I then created the Frida Khalo and Dia de los Muestas design to convey the different aspects of Mexico's culture. 

Design Solution: